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Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will have peace of mind knowing your pet is enjoying the ultimate  boarding experience.  Hanging out inside or outside, playing with friends; its like a home away from home (but more fun) &  dogs who 'know' choose Noah's!

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Mon - Fri 7am to 6pm

Saturday 8am to 3pm

Sunday 9am to 12pm

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional boarding experience for dogs, that is safe, fun, and meets their needs for companionship, comfort,  & freedom.

Noah's Bed & Biscuit

Tulsa's Finest Luxury Dog Boarding & Day Care

When you can't be there...

Noah's Bed & Biscuit is South Tulsa's Country Club for Dogs.  From arrival to departure our guests are guaranteed fun & relaxation with luxurious guest suites, unlimited access to large play area's, & in summer months, a pool!
Noah's Bed and Biscuit offers a truly unique setting and the ultimate experience in pet boarding. Unlike traditional kennels, we don't use crates or cages, & we believe in personalized attention for each "guest".  At Noah's we spare no detail in insuring  pet comfort, safety, & happiness.