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Please print and complete the following forms and bring them with you along with your pets vaccination records on your pets free daycare day.

Medication? No Problem!

At check-in we will provide a pill container to organize your pets medicine, just let us know if it’s AM, PM, or both.

  • Oral Medicine $3 per dose
  • Eye Drops $3
  • Insulin Injection $6
  • Skin Folds wiped $3

How to become a guest at Noah's

Noah’s Bed and Biscuit, Tulsa, requires all 1st time guests come for a FREE Doggie Day Out prior to their 1st overnight stay (min of 4 hours but welcome to stay all day). This relieves any anxiety from being in an unfamiliar environment & assures your dog you will be back! He/She will mix and play with other dogs which gives us the opportunity to observe them socializing and ensure they are a good fit for a communal boarding environment.  On their 1st day your pup will spend one on one time with our staff so they are familiar with us, and one of our trained handlers will use a special technique to introduce them to a group that is a perfect fit for their age, size or energy level.

Noah's Bed & Biscuit

      Tulsa's Finest Luxury Dog Boarding & Day Care.


Single Guest                             $35                       
Each additional guest         $29                        

Day Care

Single Day                         $19
10 Day package    $160 ($16 per day)

Join our free day care loyalty program & receive every 10th day care day FREE!

Boarding: Coming to board at Noah's is exciting! Your dog will be in a group that's a good fit for his/her age, size or energy level.  Dogs are 'pack' animals and when they can't be with you they enjoy their 'pack' at Noah's.  Young and playful dogs like high energy groups, with large playgrounds, the pool and our 3 acre field.  Older dogs & those who aren't so playful enjoy laying around together, going in and out at will, and having the freedom and company that all dogs know and love at Noah's. 

See the Grooming page for a full list of Grooming Services .


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