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Noah's Bed & Biscuit

Tulsa's Finest Luxury Dog Boarding & Day Care

When you can't be there...

Noah's Bed & Biscuit is South Tulsa's Country Club for Dogs.  From arrival to departure our guests are guaranteed fun & relaxation with luxurious guest suites, unlimited access to large play area's, & in summer months, a pool!
Noah's Bed and Biscuit offers a truly unique setting and the ultimate experience in pet boarding. Unlike traditional kennels, we don't use crates or cages, & we believe in personalized attention for each "guest".  At Noah's we spare no detail in insuring  pet comfort, safety, & happiness.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will have peace of mind knowing your pet is enjoying the ultimate  boarding experience.  Hanging out inside or outside, playing with friends; its like a home away from home (but more fun) &  dogs who 'know' choose Noah's!

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional boarding experience for dogs, that is safe, fun, and meets their needs for companionship, comfort,  & freedom.