Dogs are naturally pack animals; they enjoy socializing & the company of other dogs. Noah’s is proud to offer a unique Daycare experience; with 15 distinct area’s we can promise a perfect fit group for your dog where they will safely learn how to socialize, grow in confidence, and get the exercise and stimulation they need from group play that they may not be able to get at home. Our most active play areas have dog friendly playground equipment, trampolines & a pool! The fun doesn’t stop there; you can add on pack leader playtime for one on one time for your dog with a member of staff to walk them, play ball, get a massage, or a Kong toy filled with treats!

Supervised Play

11,000+ sq. ft. of indoor Play Area

3 Acre private dog park

Unlimited Indoor/Outdoor Access

Swimming Pool


  • Exercise
  • Builds socialization with other dogs and people
  • Beats boredom & reduces the risk of destructive behavior at home.
  • Dogs are creatures of habit & a regular daycare routine is best.
  • A tired dog is a happy dog


SINGLE DAY – Each Guest: $23.00

10 DAY PACKAGE $200 ($20 per day)

DAYCARE & BATH SPECIAL $50 (Tue, Wed & Thurs)

(Additional charges for giant breeds, double, curly, or special coats, & excess matting)