12 Day Residential Training $1200:

Includes: Boarding, meals, training treats, minimum x 4 training sessions per day, a complimentary spa bath on departure, & graduation certificate & pictures. Training includes: Climb/Place, Watch me (focus), Sit, Down, Come, Wait, Stay, Loose Leash Walking, Leave It, Proper Way to Greet People, Release, & socialization).

Please call (918) 321-9999 to make a reservation. We require all new clients come for a free daycare day, & welcome pet parents to use this opportunity to visit with our trainer prior to their pups training stay. Please print and fill out the ‘Training Information’ form & bring it with you, or fax to 918 321 9998. All dogs attending any training class must have a Noah’s client information form, signed boarding contract, and up to date vaccinations. A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking for residential training. Packages and group classes require payment in full .

Training & Daycare Package, 9 Days – $675:

Each day inc daycare play, 4 x 15 min training sessions & training treats. Training includes: Go to ‘Place’, “Watch me” (focus), Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Loose Leash Walking, Leave It, Proper Greeting (No Jump), Release, & socialization).

Puppy Kindergarten $585:

9 Day Package for puppies 12 weeks – 8 months:
Each day includes unlimited socialization, 4x 15 min training sessions & training treats. Training inc: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Proper Greeting (No Jump) & Loose leash walking. Puppy Kindergarten also aids potty training when used in combination with training at home.

Individual Assessment: 30 mins $30

(fee applied to any training program)

New Clients!

I want to know all about your dog and your goals for training. Please print the ‘Training Questionnaire’, fill it out and bring it with you on your new client visit. We can visit more about your goals and tailor your pup’s training to address any specific issues.

I look forward to meeting you!

– Jennah Turner

Training Questionnaire

Meet our Trainer!

Jennah Turner has a lifelong passion for dogs; from family pets, to pups she cared for as a high school student working as a kennel tech and volunteer at local rescues. Jennah became a certified trainer in 2013 through the Animal Behavioral College & worked as a lead Trainer for 3 yrs. Striving for excellence, in 2017 she attended the Tom Rose Dog Training School in St Louis, MO, achieving proficiency in AKC style training, basic obedience, advanced obedience, agility, scent detection, and tracking, and in 2018 became a certified Service Dog Trainer through Highland Canine Dog Training School in Harmony, NC further refining her training techniques and expanding her knowledge on trailing for search and rescue.